Jumpbot Playing Tips!

It's no doodle but it jumps! Jumpbot is Kuyi Mobile's flagship game for "The Minis" game series!

Jumpbot Playing Tips!

Postby egarayblas » Thu Jul 08, 2010 5:07 am

A lot of players have been asking us how we got those high scores so here are some playing tips we've learned through experience (and from other players). Have fun!

1. Take advantage of "cascaded platforms" (those that line up like staircases). Jump on them continuously and you get combo points (thanks to iLashes!). Sometimes you can have more than 2k points even before platform 20.

2. Land on the platform's center. When you see cascaded platforms lined up ahead of you, try to land on each platform's center as possible. It'll give you a higher score per platform plus a higher combo bonus (x3, x4, etc.).

3. Plan out your jumps. This is one of the reasons why we made Jumpbot a "one-jump-at-a-time" type of game. It lets you glance at the platforms on top of you and plan ahead.

4. Aim for the transmitters. Transmitters give an additional 50 points per platform. Couple that with combo jumps and you multiply that extra 50 points to the number of jumps you make.

5. Grab the necktie. ;)

6. Grab the red paint bucket. ;)

7. Never hurry. Sometimes you see the next platform above you and you're tempted to jump right away? Think again.

If you have a playing tip that isn't on the list, please feel free to post here! :)
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